Investor Opportunities Available for Electric Vehicles

Are you a green investor wanting to invest in the electric vehicle industry? Maybe you are a grant writer. We at Hightekbikes are working on several projects that need funding. These include establishing a hub motor design and manufacturing facility in the U.S. Besides creating new high tech jobs, this facility will develop the new technologies necessary for competing in the world market for high efficient motors that will power the next generation of electric vehicles. The first products will be hub motors for electric bicycles. The initial investment for this particular project requires about one million dollars. The industry is about to dramatically expand and there is still time to get in on the ground floor. Smaller projects, requiring as little as $10,000 are also available. Ride the new wave of green technology. If you believe America should outsource manufacturing to foreign countries and not make anything here, than this is not for you. If on the other hand, you not only want to make profit, but contribute to a sustainable future, this is perfect for you and your investment partners. Miss out on the internet boom? This is the next thing.

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